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Partners in Education contracted Pathways Facilitation Services to facilitate a community strategy session of educators, community members, nonprofit leaders and business professionals to focus on addressing the diverse needs of career education and post-secondary education options for school youth.


Mary Beth and a facilitator colleague met with the meeting hosts and asked incisive questions about the culture of the participants and the desired outcomes of the hosting organizations. Mary Beth recommended an interactive design for the day that would allow all participants to contribute to four key themes in a short amount of time. The planning team agreed on a gallery walk that would be followed by a small group planning session for each focus area, charged with developing three short term goals and one long term systemic change.


Participants were animated, engaged and actively contributing for the entire four hour period. Many commented that the meeting format was far more productive than convenings of other groups. Each focus group emerged with agreed upon trends, themes, short term and long term goals. Each participant shared one personal commitment to move the initiative forward. The hosting organization left with valuable community data, a key list of committed partners and an action plan of next steps.

Mary Beth provided facilitation for a Partners in Education strategic planning event around career education. She worked with a diverse group of participants- educators, business professionals, and nonprofit leaders- around a difficult topic. Participants emerged from her facilitated sessions energized and focused. In the planning for the event, Mary Beth’s suggestions were relevant and astute. With no previous experience with our organization, she was able to listen and suggest strategies that would fit with our culture and assist us in moving forward with the planning process. I enjoyed working with Mary Beth and Pathways Facilitation Services and hope to do so again.”

– Michelle Magnusson, Program Director, Partners in Education

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