Identified Need:

An area Workforce Investment Board (WIB) requested assistance from the Nonprofit Support Center  to develop the people management skills of local Youth Contractors to enhance partnership with the WIB and increase program accountability. The Nonprofit Support Center enlisted Mary Beth’s support to design and deliver this training.


With input from WIB representatives we designed a three hour workshop “Planning and People Management.” We used highly visual materials and interactive exercises to educate the Youth Contractors about team dynamics and the project planning cycle. We shared strategies for engaging youth to better understand what is important to them. We had participants consider stakeholder perspectives as they attempted to more clearly define program objectives and accountability measures. And we delivered practical techniques for discussing what’s working and not working with different stakeholder groups to build a learning organization and move away from a culture of fear of accountability.


The WIB was thrilled with the training. They reported that relationships between the WIB and Youth Contractors improved significantly as a result of the open communications  initiated at the workshop. Both WIB and Youth Contractors gained a better understanding of the core responsibilities of each partner and the ways in which they can support one another in their work with youth programs. They began to implement some of the practices learned in their quarterly meetings, making their time together far more positive and productive.

 Thank you for your tremendous partnership.You share my passion for leadership development and it’s been a true pleasure to work with you through NSC. I have learned from you and been awakened to new perspectives.”      

 ~ Judy Hawkins, Manager of Consulting Services, Nonprofit Support Center

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