Turn bickering and blaming into Positive and Productive Meetings!

an innovative, practical meeting process that ensures that people can listen carefully, think clearly and therefore make effective decisions together

Create a more person centered meeting culture within an organization that involves:

  • Having a clear purpose and outcomes for each meeting
  • Creating a process and environment where people can be listened to and think for themselves
  • Working to people’s strengths and sharing responsibility for a successful meeting through people taking different roles.

What does the course cover?

This course will enable you to change your meetings as you learn:

  • Techniques for developing a clear purpose and outcomes for each meeting
  • Practical ways of ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard in the meeting.
  • Simple ways to increase the quality of thinking in the meeting
  • Different tools for problem solving and covering agenda items.
  • Graphic templates to record information from meetings

How long is this course?

A one day course for people leading meetings on Positive and Productive Meetings, will include practical tools, a practice meeting to experience the tools at work, and coaching  to put  what you have learned to use in your meetings.

Who is it for?

Anyone who facilitates or chairs meetings. The transformation is especially effective when your entire team completes the training together.

What will people be able to do as a result of attending this course?

Change their meetings, so that:

  • There are opportunities for people to listen to each other and think together, and therefore make better decisions.
  • Roles are shared within the meeting, as people work to their strengths rather than the chair doing everything.
  • They have a new, flexible meeting process, and meetings are more positive and productive.

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