Have you ever felt “stuck” in a job, or wondered what encore career you’ll assume later in life? Perhaps this Stephen Covey quote can inspire you to rededicate yourself to finding your voice. He said,

“When you engage in a work that taps your talent and fuels your passion-that rises out of a great need in teh world that you feel drawn by conscience to meet-therein lies your voice, your calling, your soul’s code.”

Eureka! I feel very lucky to have found my voice at several different times and in several different places over the years. And now I am exercising my voice through Pathways Facilitation Services. I’m doing what I believe I am good at, which is training, facilitating and coaching about leadership, strategic planning and board development. My work is fueled by a desire to help people work together better, and compelled by the need of teams, leaders and communities, to create positive change in a rapidly evolving world. Leaders seek skills to connect with others in meaningful ways. Nonprofit organizations, reeling from the economic downturn, strive to master the challenging concepts and even more challenging practices of effective collaboration and partnership. And people who receive services and supports from organizations, small businesses and the public sector expect more than ever, to be heard, respected and taken seriously. This is where my voice lies. I want to address these topics and more through newsletters, webinars, training events and consulting work, and hope you find value in the practical tips and creative strategies that will help you achieve your individual and organizational goals. I hope you will subscribe to my newsletter, engage in dialogue through a post comment,  or sign up for one of my workshops this year.

That’s my personal voice. What’s yours? Finding your voice is a journey of understanding what matters to you most, recognizing what you are really good at and putting your insights into action that contribute to the greater good. What do others like and admire about you? What gives you energy and drives your passion? What are you here to achieve? Perhaps these action steps will help you get started.

  • Dream of what you want.
  • Determine what you need.
  • Discover what you have.
  • Design your plan.
  • Deliver on your intentions
  • Debrief your progress.

Need help to sort out your personal plan? Coaching may be a way to help you move forward. Let this be the year when you reconnect with your calling. Here’s wishing you peace, purpose and prosperity in 2012! 

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