Star Choices, together with the Georgia Learning Community for Person Centered Practices, and ARC of Macon, asked Mary Beth to design training on Supervising Person Centered Teams and deliver it to organizational leaders and program managers from a variety of human services organizations. Participants had completed Person Centered Thinking training and were well versed in using person centered thinking tools with people they supported in the community. They wanted, however, to learn ways to embed person centered practices more deeply within their workplace and provide support for supervisors managing diverse teams.


Mary Beth had participants complete a pre-training survey to learn about their successes and challenges in supervision. She customized a two day training that was practical, hands-on, scenario based and grounded in solid management and person centered practices. She provided a framework for high performing  teams, and demonstrated how person centered tools and practices can be applied to support the five essential aspects of a person centered team. Participants practiced a variety of person centered tools and techniques using  scenarios and their own real work experiences. The strategies are designed to increase trust, empowerment and accountability within teams. Additionally, participants were invited to join an online learning community to receive follow up peer support, as well as access to online tips, tools and templates to help them as they implemented the skills and approaches they learned in the course.


Participants were engaged and actively contributed for the entire two-days! They practiced tools and used new templates. They reflected on their learning and developed personal commitments and action plans before the end of day two. Many commented that they intended to change their supervision meeting practices immediately as a result of the course.

Here’s what a few of the participants said in their evaluation comments:

The useful tools – I love tools. So any time I get more, I add them to my “toolbox” to use in the future. Loved it!!! Mary Beth, you were awesome – you related everything discussed on a level that made it engaging, as well as, educational.

This workshop truly offered training that I could come back to my office the next day and use with my staff. It was such a motivator to help make the most effective use of time and results during meetings.

Mary Beth was an excellent trainer using both her personality and experience to keep the class very interesting. I have given her name to our CEO as a possible trainer for future events with our organization. Thanks so much for a very worthwhile training.

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