twitter_tips_for_nonprofits“Do more with less” is the mantra frequently heard in the nonprofit world. When using Twitter however, the social media tool, the mantra actually works! You can effectively deliver quick, relevant and important information in 140 characters or less, taking you very little time and keeping you connected with your community and donor base. To get the most out of Twitter, make sure you have something valuable to say. Most people don’t really care what you had for lunch, but tweeting about personal information can work when done in moderation.  I also think people get tired of constantly being hit up to donate, so mix it up a bit-aim for about 70 percent organizational and 30 percent personal to communicate your mission and help people feel a personal connection to you and your organization.  Here are some tips for mixing up your tweets so they won’t be so predictable and people will be eager to see what comes next.

  • Announcements: Tweet about upcoming events you are hosting or conferences you are attending.
  • Photos: Then post pictures, posters, and powerpoint slides from those nonprofit programs, events and fundraisers.
  • Videos: Provide links to interesting videos that are related to your organization’s mission.
  • Blog Updates: Don’t have one? Start one and alert followers to your latest entry.
  • Insights: Share inspirational, entertaining, and motivational thoughts.
  • Resources: Link to valuable tools or articles related to the work of your nonprofit.
  • Responses: Reply to inquiries, start a dialogue.
  • Requests: Ask for wishlist items; invite people to volunteer and, yes, donate to your cause.
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